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Once Upon A Time…
Four years ago, Absolute Cakes & Desserts was just a twinkle in our eye. Having previously worked for a number of well-respected bakeries (including Mary Ford's Cake Artistry Centre, Elizabeth's Cake Shop and Monica's Upper Crust Patisserie, all in Dorset), our head baker and cake artist Martin Jaszek left his job to look after his young children while his wife returned to work. The baking itch didn't go away though and soon enough, he was making cakes for family and friends to order – orders that soon began to stack up, despite the fact that he was only doing it as a hobby.
As demand continued to grow though, the wheels were set in motion to turn making cakes in his spare time into a full-blown business and soon enough, Absolute Cakes & Desserts was born. Now, Martin puts his 25 years of baking and confectionary experience and variety of cookery and decorative qualifications to good use, creating a multitude of exquisite cakes and desserts for all occasions. Absolute Cakes & Desserts is run from the Jaszek family's newly converted kitchen, which is approved by Bournemouth Borough Council's Environmental Health department, while Martin himself carries a Food Safety And Hygiene Level 2 certificate.
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